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Following Jesus Together - March 17

Dear Friends,

Easter is fast approaching! It’s a great day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Help requested: I’d love it if we could have some in person music for Easter Sunday. John has been faithfully leading us from Vermont (Many thanks!!). So if you are able to help us by playing an instrument in person on Easter Sunday, please let me know soon, so we can plan accordingly.!

9:00am Sunday School: We are starting a new spiritual formation topic on Sunday! “Seeing God’s Providence” 

Providence is a theological term that you won’t find in the Bible. But is a helpful word that has been used by Christians across the world and the centuries to describe how God rules the world. It describes the reality the Bible portrays for us from Genesis to Revelation. So I want to invite you to join us so we can better see God’s purposeful sovereignty in the world. As we stare at the object of our faith, I hope and pray you will find your faith increasing in surprising ways and places.  

Here’s just a few glimpses of God’s Providence at work right now: 

His thoughts of us are innumerable, more than the sand. (Psalm 139)

Our tears and sleepless nights are recorded in His book, even while surrounded by our enemies. (Psalm 56)

He’s subduing and restraining evil through the Messiah and his willing people. (Psalm 110)

He sets up kings and removes them. (Daniel 2)

It was the definite plan for God to crucify Jesus and exult Him above all people as the Messiah. (Acts 2:23-36) 

His kindness is calling you to repentance (Romans 2:4; Acts 2:37)

God’s Spirit is working in the world, right now leading people from every nations to profess faith in Jesus (John 3:8-17).

Right now, Jesus is holding all things together (Colossians 1:17).

 That’s just a glimpse of what God is up to at this very moment! Here’s a great quote from John Piper to meditate on as we get ready to love God with our minds (Luke 10:27). Take the time to read the individual phrases…it’s worth it!

 “All Scripture is…profitable” (2 Tim. 3:16). The profit lies not mainly in the validation of a theological viewpoint but in the revelation of a great God, the exaltation of His invincible grace, and the liberation of his undeserving people. God has revealed his purposeful sovereignty over good and evil in order to humble human pride, intensify human worship, shatter human hopelessness, and put ballast in the battered boat of human faith, steel in the spine of human courage, gladness in the groans of affliction, and love in the heart that sees no way forward.

What we find in the Bible is real and raw. The prizing and proclamation of God’s pervasive providence was forged in flames of hatred and love, deceit and truth, murder and mercy, carnage and kindness, cursing and blessing, mystery and revelation, and finally, crucifixion and resurrection.”

See you at 9:00am on Sunday via Zoom or in person! I attached the outline for our time on Sunday.

Worship at 10:00am – Pastor Jim is continuing in Romans 2:17-29. The bad news of the gospel is what makes the good news of grace so sweet and life transforming!

Please accept our apologies for the sound and video blips last week. It was a bumpy ride! God-willing the system will cooperate this week! And again, many thanks to our faithful AV team!

Hope Church Informational Class Part 2 at 12:00pm – We are working through the 5 questions every member of Hope Church is asked and seeing what is unique about our congregation and denomination. You are welcome to listen in via Zoom or join in person whether you are considering membership, have been a member and want a refresher or just interested! The Zoom login is the same as our Sunday Morning worship. 

Grace and peace,
Nate Thompson

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