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Summer Schedule 2019

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Summer is the season where we shift gears at Hope to intentionally engage our neighbors, enjoy the outdoors together and give our ministry leaders a much needed rest.

Small Groups take a break until the Fall. Sunday, June 16th is the last Sunday School until September.

The Ladies Bible study will meet sporadically.

Each week after church this summer, the Thompsons are planning to host any who would like to stay after church to enjoy food and friendship together. At the heart of the Fourth Commandment, to  "Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy" is rest. We gather on Sunday to receive Jesus and His grace in worship and to get a foretaste of heaven meeting on earth. 

The intention of gathering together is to not immediately go home to our anxieties, loneliness, hurts and sinful addictions. Rather we enjoy and savor the gift of friendship and community given to us. We gather to enjoy a whole day of rest given and ruled over by Jesus. Conversations about the gospel and prayer will happen. But so will naps and watermelon dripping off the corner of the kids' chins. God-willing there will be laughing in the sunlight, maybe take a film on faith, reading a book in a hammock or organizing a hike. Our prayer is that we will taste and see our gospel reality. We live in Jesus' new creation now, living by faith in our Risen and Ascended King together. We hope and pray our neighbors join in as well!

So my friends, enjoy your summer and go forth as witnesses of God's grace and absurdly lavish generosity towards us as sinners in Christ Jesus!

By faith may you:

"Take and eat, all the work is done.
Stretch out your feet in the Sabbath sun.
With this bread, old ambitions break.
As we pour the wine, we feel our hungry hearts awake
to the meal we could not make.

Look around the table, behold your company.
See the needy and unlovable and many enemies.
I know that peace has never worked before,
but this feast satisfies the thirst for war,
for justice has been won, and mercy’s made us new."

~Son of Laughter

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